From 100 points to 98 points, suffer meal beat; from 55 points to 61 points, get a kiss. This seemingly absurd story, but often occurs in our side, many people view, the former regressing the beating is right and proper, the latter is a matter of course, the kiss was taken for granted.
We often say, to a ruler in the end. In real life, it should be said that the ruler is the most fair, but in different people's hands, to measure different people, there will be different results. We are accustomed to the mother in the kitchen busy, three meals a day is always on time to eat delicious food, but when one day, we go home to face the dry stove cold stove, but the first thought is no food to eat, And even open blame, completely ignored her tired sick, barely, and even the effort to burn the water did not; and our father occasionally the next time the kitchen, cook a bowl of noodles, but Can make a person feel extremely contentment. Inertia, so that our ruler becomes flexible, but can not measure the far-reaching love.
Each unit is good and bad, there are dry to see, there are trouble, there are always some bald mixed in the monk among the good. Strange is dry in the dry, to see has been to see, and the more mistakes done more, get more criticism, and those spectators, and occasionally steal machine tricky look like, will be fame and fortune. And even those who make trouble, become clever some, will let the leadership and a seat all happy and contented. Inert, so that our ruler with a prejudice, it can no longer gather the power of everyone.

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